Info Report- Hurricanes


Hurricanes are an interesting natural disaster that effect many people each year. Many people are wondering hurricanes, how they form, what they are, the damage they cause and how they travel. I hope you enjoy it and learn a lot about it!
What are hurricanes?
A hurricane is a swirling group of clouds that spin around. Hurricanes are the strongest, largest and most powerful storms in the world! A hurricane can spread up to 1,600 kilometres (1,000 miles) across. It can also release as much energy every second as the nuclear bomb dropped in Hiroshima, Japan in 1945.
Where do hurricanes form?
All hurricanes form over ocean and there are only oceans in the world where they form and develop. They only form in the Atlantic Ocean, Indian Ocean and the North and South Pacific Ocean. In the Atlantic Ocean they call them Hurricanes but in the Indian Ocean they call them Cyclones and also they call them Typhoons when they form over the North and South Pacific Ocean.
Hurricane Hugo cut and island in two and swept a fishing boat 8 kilometres (five miles) inland leaving it in a forest. During hurricane Camille the storm flushed alligators and hundreds of poisonous snakes out of creeks and swamps. More than 40 people died from snake bites. Hurricane Andrew caused one of the largest storms on record. It destroyed 75,000 fully grown trees.
The spinning movement of the earth makes the storm clouds and winds spin in the same direction. In the northern hemisphere hurricanes and typhoons spin in an anticlockwise direction while in the southern hemisphere cyclones spin in a clockwise direction. The hurricane moves quite slowly across the ocean: its top speed is about 50 kilometres (30 miles) per hour. Hurricane John lasted for 29 days and travelled 8,000 kilometres. Did you know that if earth stopped spinning the oceans would fly off into space!

Thanks for reading my information report about hurricanes!

Home And Away

The grass was green, the sky was blue and life was wonderful until something happened, keep reading John Marsden’s book “Home and Away” to uncover the story of a boy’s life.

4 items to put in a paper bag
1. A little kids drawing because in the book he does a lot of drawing.
2. A little boat because there was a big boat in the story.
3. A ripped note because that’s all they had to write on in the story.
4. A piece of wire because there is a lot of wires at the detention centres they went to.

Bells Beach

We did a servey on the question “Do you think The Surf Coast Shire take care of Bells Beach”. So we went around the building asking people if they thought that The Surf Coast shire did take care of Bells Beach or not.
New Microsoft Office Excel Worksheet


We did an interview too but sadly he hasn’t replied but here are the questions anyway.


1.Do you think that big busses take up too many car parks at Bells and why?

2.What do u think the surf Coast Shire could do about it?

3.Do you think the Surf Coast Shire could redo the car park ant Bells? And

what do you think they could do to it?

4.Do you think the Surf Coast Shire should upgrade the facilities like the

showers and toilets?

5.Have you noticed the rubbish around Bells Beach? If so how did the

rubbish get there in your opinion?

6.Do you think coming in mini vans would be more efficient?

7.The Surf Coast Shire put in a bus bays instead of normal car parks, what

do you think of that?

8.Did you notice that they put in a pedestrian crossing; do you think that

this is needed?

9.Overall do you think the Surf Coast Shire really care about Bells Beach?

Homework-Fruits and Gifts





MUM- She shows kindness because she always puts everyone else before herself and never puts anyone down. She treats everyone as she would like to be treated. She shows love for her family, Friends and Relatives but she knows everyone is different but she still knows that we are all one and are all one kind.

DAD- He shows Joy because he always makes a happy moment out a not so happy one, (Eg when we lose in footy my Dad says better luck next time and that we could even have a win next weekend). He also is really kind and a good teacher  because he taught me how to play Footy, Surf, Cricket and many more.

Challenge About Number 10


10. Surfboard repairer, because I mixed what I love with a job and that seems like lots of fun.


9. Builder, because my dad is one and I could get heaps of help from him and earn heaps of money.


8. Zookeeper, because it looks like heaps of fun and you could play with the animals all day.


7. Own a surf shop, because it would be a good job and you would get to know all the local surfers.


6. TV reporter, because we meet Toasted TV and got on TV and it was heaps of fun.


5. Surf Teacher, because it would be fun teaching people to surf and being at the beach all day


4. Skate park builder, because it would be fun building it and seeing new skate parks.


3. Stuntman, because it would be fun doing new stunts and earning more money.


2. Professional skater, because it would be cool getting heaps of money for doing what I love.


1.Professional surfer, because you could travel to all the most tropical and best waves in the world for free.

Homework- Week 1

Today at school we had homework to go home and do a science experiment to bring to school and show the group of 3 that the teachers had put us in. My group was Lottie and Jarrod, Jarrod did a lava lamp which looked real cool and Lottie did floating egg which was really interesting. I did a coke and mentos fountain where coke squirts up everywhere. The things I did well were choose activity that didn’t cost much money and was effective.

Jeannie Baker

Jeannie Baker was born in Croydon, England on November 2nd 1950. She is the oldest of 6 kids and went to college at Brighton Polytechnic. Jeannie Baker is a multi-award winner and also wrote the book, ‘Where the Forrest Meets the Sea’. She is an English author and illustrator for a number of children’s books. Jeannie Baker lived with her devoted partner, Australian architect David Blackwell, until his death in 2012. She has been making collages since 1972.
I like Jeannie Baker’s books because she is not only an author but she illustrates the books too. She really gets the message of her books through to your head. Some of the popular books she has written are:
Mirror (2012)
The Hidden Forrest (2000)
Where the Forrest Meets the Sea ( 1988)
Window (1991)
One Hungry Spider (1982)