Bells Beach

We did a servey on the question “Do you think The Surf Coast Shire take care of Bells Beach”. So we went around the building asking people if they thought that The Surf Coast shire did take care of Bells Beach or not.
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We did an interview too but sadly he hasn’t replied but here are the questions anyway.


1.Do you think that big busses take up too many car parks at Bells and why?

2.What do u think the surf Coast Shire could do about it?

3.Do you think the Surf Coast Shire could redo the car park ant Bells? And

what do you think they could do to it?

4.Do you think the Surf Coast Shire should upgrade the facilities like the

showers and toilets?

5.Have you noticed the rubbish around Bells Beach? If so how did the

rubbish get there in your opinion?

6.Do you think coming in mini vans would be more efficient?

7.The Surf Coast Shire put in a bus bays instead of normal car parks, what

do you think of that?

8.Did you notice that they put in a pedestrian crossing; do you think that

this is needed?

9.Overall do you think the Surf Coast Shire really care about Bells Beach?

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